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We've mastered this centuries old tradition. Since 2014, Stockade Apothecary has done more than refine an old tradition: We've initinated a new one. Guided by ancient recipes, we fuse old and new herbal techniques to create interesting flavors and structures. 


All our herbs and vegetables are grown using organic practices without any pesticides or fertilizers. What we cannot grow ourselves, we responsible wildcraft or purchase organically from local Hudson Valley farms. Our products are made in small batches to ensure they are of the highest quality and optimal flavor. To achieve maximum potency, our products steep from three weeks to six months, making that last drop just as potent as the first.


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Plant Based Wellness from the Hudson Valley

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The Herb

Stockade Apothecary was founded by Katie Greaves in 2014 by a chance foraging class that sparked her love of herbal medicine. When she's not traveling for her "day job" as a camera assistant for reality TV shows; you can find her in the garden or foraging the fields of the Catskills; expanding her knowledge of herbalism to bring you her take on centuries old recipes using ingredients that are locally grown in the Hudson Valley. Stockade Apothecary is an extension of Katie's passion for plant-based wellness.

Co-owner and Stockade creative director, Danielle Hettara, founded Jacques Magazine in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (2008). It was through one of her photoshoots that Danielle discovered her passion for all things "Homestead" when one of her models taught her how to knit on set.

From there, Danielle branched out to embroidery, spinning yarn, natural dyeing, and aromatherapy. After closing the magazine in 2011 and heading upstate to fine-tune her skills and develop new ones, she opened the first urban commercial farm in uptown Kingston, Hettara Farm. 

Call it luck or fate... being neighbors it was only a matter of time before these two met and coproduced...